Distributor Auto Bearing Wheel Hub Bearing GB40574 Auto Parts

Products nameauto wheel hub bearingDAC43770042/38 46T090804DAC42820036 ZZ BAH0185 GB40574 AU0907 IR-8086Brand nameAccording to customers\' requirements oemID size42*82*36  Materialchrome steelClosuresOpen, metal Sealed, rubber sealed, Nylon sealed 2RS 2ZTypesopen,Z,ZZ,RS,2RS,RZ,2RZ.For non standard bearing, there

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Products name

auto wheel hub bearing

DAC43770042/38 46T090804
DAC42820036 ZZ BAH0185 GB40574 
AU0907 IR-8086

Brand name

According to customers' requirements oem

ID size



chrome steel


Open, metal Sealed, rubber sealed, Nylon sealed 2RS 2Z



For non standard bearing, there are many different types with various sizes for our clients and we can also design or develop customized products as per the samples or drawings provided by our clients.

Delivery date

Normally ready goods and stock within 5-30days

Payment terms

100% TT


Motor, Machinery, Electric Tools, Sports Apparatus, office equipment , Scooter Aluminum windows , shower blocks, hanging round, closet wheel, toys, etc

Fan, car, truck, tractors and automatic machine, Textile machine, Pump, Agricultural machinery, Machine tool, window ,sliding door , other furniture and some toys


1.polybag +box+ carton

2.the users who have any requirement in packing may write them in the contract

 ( customized )

We have many specifications for your choice. Any questions, feel free to contact us! Welcome inquiries.
DAC2858WCS47 803837 AU0501-421L206 BAHB617546A 25BWD01 FC12784S03 IR-8032 L29
DAC2858WCS47 445979 AU0501-421L206 BAHB617546A 25BWD01 FC12784S03 IR-8032 L29
DAC306037 2RS 801437 4T-CRI-0678 BAHB5000 28BWD8A FC12180 IR-2221 513071
DAC3060W 529891AB 6-256706 BA2B 633313C 28BWD03ACA51 FC12271S03 IR-2222 801023AB
DAC30630042A 522372 DE0776CS46 BB1B630374/C4 28BWD01ACA60 GB40570 IR-8520 513055

DAC3064W2RKBS28 531910 DE0690A31 BAHB311316B 30KWD01AG3 HB-3080C/SBR IR-8040 513116
DAC3464D 532066DE DE0776CS4615A BAH0092 GB10790S05 GB10884 IR-8549 510014
DAC3464G1 580400CA DE07A39LL BAHB636114A 34BWD03ACA78 HB-110487/SBR IR-8014 7703090283

DAC3562W-S 546238A DE0749 BAHB0042 30BWD04CA19 HB-4022C/SBR IR-8051 C599
DAC3565WCS30 546238 AU0706-3 BT2B4456208 32BWD05CA75 GB12004 IR-8041 F31
DAC3568A2RS 567918B DE0763CS46PXI BAHB445980A 34BWD03 GB12438S01 IR-8622 513021
DAC3568W-6 544033 DE0769 BAHB 633676 34BWD04BCA70 FC12033S03 IR-8042 803374
DAC357233B-1W 548083 6-256908 BAHB 311309 34BWD10B GB12306S01 IR-8091 LR03116
DAC357234A 562686 90369-38006 BAHB 633528F 32BW07-7 GB12136 IR-8089 FW22
DAC3668AWCS36 540763 DE0869CS46P 30BWD07 27KWD01 GB12132S03 IR-8055 440190
DAC367234A 805172 DE0871 30BWD10 34BWD11 GB10840S02 IR-8611 7703090353
DAC3870BW 527631 DE08A48 30BWD01 35BWD14 GB10679 IR-8026 LR03145
DAC3871W-1CS74 562398A DE0892 BAHB441832AB 35BWD19E GB12094S04 IR-8028 LR03115
DAC3871W-3CS63 541521C 4T-CRI-0868 BA2B446762B 35BWD24 GB12862 IR-8055 51720-29400

SAC3872A 686908A TU0811 BAHB 633669 35BWD07ACA108 GB40582 IR-8094 510012
DAC3872B12RSCS42 544307 AU0817-1 BAHB 0087 35BWD16CA74 GB40714 IR-8524 C185
DAC3874368W 575069 DE0891 BAH-0051B 35BWD08A GB12807 S03 IR-8005 90369-38022
DAC3872W-6 574795A 4T-CRI-0822 BA2B 633028CB 35BWD01CCA38 GB12258 IR-8066 LR03134
DAC3873W3 559192 4T-CRI-0881 BAHB633531B 35BWD064ACA111 GB12131S03 IR-8088 513024
DAC3874W-6CS84 540733 TM-DU08A21 BAB309946AC 35BWD10 GB12095S01 IR-8513 514002
DAC3972AW4 540733CA 4T-CR1-0821 BAHB636193C 36BWD04 GB13870S01 IR-8049 510007
DAC4072CS34 542186A DE0829CS32 BAHB686908A 36BWD01BCA60 GB40706 IR-8550 51720-29000
DAC4074CWCS73 542186CA DE08A30LLCS67PX2 BAH-0041 36BWD03 GB12776 IR-8651 51008
DAC407440 579557 B-DE0994 BA2B 309692 37BWD01 GB12320 S02 IR-8052 513113
DAC4074W-3 566719 AU0701-4LL BAHB311315AD 38WD19 GB12399 S01 IR-8111 51720-2D000

DAC4076412RS 559493 4209ATN9/MT33VB2669 BAHB 309693 38BWD21CA53 Y44FB10394S01 IR-8085 FW130
DAC4080MICS68M 559494 DU4984-7 BAHB395418 38BWD09A GB12088S01 IR-8603 510004
46T080704X 567447B AU-0901-4LX1/L260 BAHB636096A 38BWD22 GB40250 IR-8095 801136
DAC4275BE2RS 55580 TU0802-4LLX/L588 BAHB311443B 38BWD04CA60 TGB10872S02 IR-8668 510003
DAC42764 2RSF 539166AB CRI-0846 BAHB636060C 38BVV07-10 GB12010 IR-8593 328723
DAC4278C2RS 559226 DE0810 BAHB 633966E 38BVV07/NACHI GB12955 S04 IR-8530 510032
DAC428045BW 523854 DE0874 BAHB 633815A 38BWD12CA145 GB12163 S04 IR-8110 513102
DCSAC4280BAPS 533953 AU0704-1LL BAHB 474743 38BW07-20G GB12269 IR-8583 LR0314
45T090804 579102A DE-0766LUA BAHB 440320 38BWD01A1ACA147 GB10857 S02 IR-8006 513058
DAC4379W-1CS574 547059A 6-256907E1 BA2B 445469BA 38BWD10 GB10702 S02 IR-8062 513112

DAC434380A 52721B 4209BTVH BAHB 636187 38BWD06 GB40574 IR-8638 510117
DAC4382W-3CS79 561481 BA2B445533 38BWD26E GB12875 IR-8048 510010
DAC458439BW 565636 BAH1866047A 39BWD02 GB40246 IR-8061 513180
DAC4584DWCS782 564727 BA2B 633457 38BWD24 GB40264S01 IR-8650 513154
DAC4889WS 543359B BA2B309796BA 38BW07-26G GB12398S02 IR-8509 513073
DAC498448WCS47 579943B BAH-0069 38BWD15 GB12865S04 IR-8112 513151
DAC4584DWCS76 567519A BAH-0117 39BWD01 FC40240S01 IR-8502 7703090199.
Bearing No.  NSKSNRIRBKOYO    Bimension mmMass Kg
DAC37720037562398633531B GB12807S03   F1131758066 377237370.59
DAC37720237527631BAB633028CB GB12258  3772.0237370.59
DAC377204375279794  GB12131SO328088 3772.0437370.59
DAC38640036/33      386436330.43
DAC38650052/48      386552480.49
DAC38700037  636193C     38BWD19   387037370.48
DAC38700038 686908A38BWD21CA53  DAC3870BW    DAC3870DWCS41387038380.55
DAC38710033/30  38BWD09A   387133300.50
DAC38710039  38BWD22   387139390.60
DAC38720036/33  38BWD12CA145  DAC3872W-8CS81   DAC3872W-3   DAC3872W-6387236330.54
DAC38720040575069B 38BW07-10G     38BWD04  DAC3872B1SCS42   DAC3872W-10387240400.63
DAC38740036/33574795A 38BWD07-26G    38BWD15    38BWD16A   38BWD01A1ACA147    38BWD24 8550DAC3874W-6387436330.60
DAC38740050559192 38BWD0601-A-CA01 8651 387450500.78
DAC39680037540733    528810    439622CBAHB311315BD     BA2B309692    BA2B309396    3097914T-CRI-0868    39BWD03 8052  8111 396837370.48
DAC39720037542186A    524096BAHB311396B    309639 GB12776    803769    801663D8085DAC3972AW4   DAC3972D 2RS397237370.56
DAC39740039579557BAHB636096A39BWD05 8603 397439390.66
DAC39740036/34      397436340.52
DAC39/41750037567447BBAHB633815 GB12399S018530 39/417537370.62
DAC40700043     DAC407043W407043430.63
DAC40720036/33     DAC4072CS34407236330.52
DAC40720037566719BAHB311443B GB12320S028095 407237370.55
DAC40740036  40BDW15BCA50   407436360.64
DAC40740036/34  40BDW16  DAC4074CWCS73407436340.58
DAC40740040559493 40BDW06B801136 DAC407440407440400.66
DAC40740042  40BDW12CA88  DAC4074W-3407442420.71
DAC40750037559494BAHB633966E  8593 407537370.62
DAC40760033/28539166AB474743  8110 407633280.54
DAC40760033555800 40BWD08AC55   407633330.61
DAC40760041/38559226FW12440BWD05 8583DAC407641 2RSCS42407641380.70
DAC408000302523854440320H Y44-FB103094S018006 408030.230.20.68
DAC40800036/34 BAHB636187C40BWD14JWB3022 DAC4080MICS68M408036340.74
DAC40900045  40BVV09-2   409045451.32
DAC401080032/17 BA2B445533A   4010832 TGB10872S028048 4010832171.06
DAC42720038  4T-CRI-0822  DU4272C427238380.56
DAC42750037521771   533953    545495D603694A   633196    BA2B633457    BAHB311424A    309245 GB120108061  8509DAC4275BW2RS427537370.59
DAC42760033555801 42BWD12   427633330.65

Our advantages:

    1. World-Class Bearing: We provide our customers with all types of indigenous bearing with world-class quality.
    2. OEM or Non-Stand Bearings: Any requirement for Nonstandard bearings is Easily Fulfilled by us due to its vast knowledge and links in the industry.
    3. Genuine products With Excellent Quality: The company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.
    4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance as per the customer's requirements and needs.
    5. Quick Delivery: The company provides just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain. 

Our services

1.Samples quantity: 1-10 pcs are available.
2.Free samples: It depends on the model NO., material and quantity. Some of the bearings samples need client to pay   samples charge and shipping cost.
3.It's better to start your order with Trade Assurance to get full protection for your samples order.

The customized LOGO or drawing is acceptable for us.

1.MOQ: 10 pcs mix different standard bearings.
2.MOQ:  5000 pcs customized your brand bearings.

1.We can printing your brand (logo,artwork)on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield.
2.We can custom your packaging according to your design
3.All copyright own by clients and we promised don't disclose any info.

Please visit our Clunt bearings website, we strongly encourge that you can communicate with us through email,thanks!

We have all kinds of bearings, just tell me your item number and quantity,best price will be offered to you soon
The material of the bearings, precision rating, seals type,OEM service,etc, all of them we can make according to your requirement

Distributor Auto Bearing Wheel Hub Bearing GB40574 for Auto Parts
Distributor Auto Bearing Wheel Hub Bearing GB40574 for Auto Parts


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