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Distributor wanted for Baby Diaper Nappies(Lock Urine, No leakage, dry soft experience for babies)1. Disposable use diapers2. FMCG, sell out quickly3. OEM & Customization3. Better level    (Soft, breathable, best fit, Dry Quicker Absorption for WELL sleeping of baby.)WELCOME to contact us any time!Contact

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Distributor wanted for Baby Diaper Nappies
(Lock Urine, No leakage, dry soft experience for babies)
1. Disposable use diapers
FMCG, sell out quickly
3. OEM & Customization
3. Better level
    (Soft, breathable, best fit, Dry Quicker Absorption for WELL sleeping of baby.)

WELCOME to contact us any time!
Contact person: Vicky Pey

Sample Code: D-SRL
Free Samples, Freight at buyer's cost.

Disposable Baby Diaper Nappies for Kids Struture:
1. Cotton top cover (hydrophilic)
2. Standing guards (hydrophibic, anti-leakage)
3. Blue ADL chip (more Even and Quicker absorption)
4. Absorbent pad ( SAP and U.S.A. pulp, to lock urine in and keep surface dry)
5. Cloth-like Breathable bottom sheet (water-proof, air-permeable, protect baby from diaper rash)
6. Refastening PP tape and side stickers*2
7. Colorful prints, Wetness indicator (remind mommy when to change diaper)


(D-SRL) Baby Nappies Spec. Information:
D-SRLpc/packpack/Bagabsorption (ml)
S246 500
M206 600
L186 700

More terms:
1. MOQ: 
     4 sizes in 2*40HQ container.
    Loading Quantity:

    about 320,000 pieces in 1*40HQ.
2. Payment: 
     advance deposit + balance, T/T.   

3. Delivery time: 
     about 5-6 weeks for 1st order of new brand;
     about 3 weeks for frequenty repeated orders.
4. Port from: 
     Xiamen, China.


Brand Options:
Factory brand “MOBEE”- super absorbent series
24/20/18 pc/pack for S/M/L.
Language: English.

Factory brand “BALA BALA”
40/35/30/25 pc/pack for S/M/L/XL.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Rusian, Portuguess
Client's brand (OEM)
Packaging etc. all up to you. 

Customized Baby Nappies & packagings:

Distributors Wanted for Baby Diaper Nappies
Distributor wanted for Factory Brand Baby Diaper Nappies:  ! MOBEE  !BALA BALA

About us:
Fujian Hui'an Hecheng Household Products Co., Ltd. is
1. Baby Nappy manufacturer with over 17 years experience
2. Skilled in both manufacturing and exporting.
3. Factory, no intermediate cost, thus competitive price
4. Quality control at first place (100% sampling and random sampling and test)
5. Products level adjustable to meet different requirements (Customized products)
6. Brands: factory or client's own brand. (OEM service)
7. Certificates: ISO, FDA, SGS, BV
8. Special document: Free sale certificate, certificate of origin, health certificate etc.
9. Wider products range: Beside disposable baby diapers, baby nappies, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, pad nappy, under pad, maternity pad could be provided too.

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(located in Quanzhou, 40 minutes to JinJiang airport)
Distributors Wanted for Baby Diaper Nappies

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